June 23 Denali Team Climbed to High Camp

Dan called in from High Camp on Denali with a spirited post.  I’m hoping that his good humor and the fun with which he provided his dispatch are the results of his enjoying the experience thus far, and not the rarefied air of 17,200′!  On Denali, this elevation has roughly one half of an atmosphere of barometric pressure, meaning there is effectively one half the oxygen per given inhalation, but my money is on Dan having a darn good time up there!

The team had a long, tough day moving up to high Camp, where they joined another Mountain Trip team as well as some other groups.  The steep slopes above High Camp had received a good amount of snow in recent days, and the guides who were already up there spent part of the day evaluating the resultant avalanche hazard.  The June 23rd team will most likely elect for a rest day after their big push up high, which will also give the slope some time to settle into a more favorable condition before they make their attempt for the top.

Well done everyone and thanks to Dan for the fun post!


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  1. Good Luck to Dan and Garret and the rest of the June 23 Denali team! Dan is a fine bloke and an all-round great guy and all his mates in Qatar wish him Godspeed to the top.

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