June 26 Denali Team is at 14,200′ Camp

Brian Levendusky called in a post from the huge basin camp at 14,200′.  This camp is both geographically large and tends to be the busiest camp on the mountain, with climbers taking 4-5+ days at this elevation while their bodies acclimatize.  The team was fortunate to have clear, blue skies as they climbed up, a rarity this climbing season.

The ascent from their previous camp at 11,200′ started with a 1000′ climb up a moderately steep slope called Motorcycle Hill.  This is glaciated terrain and there were some pretty sizable cracks to be negotiated as they climbed.  Above Motorcycle Hill, the route crosses a rising traverse before climbing up a couple more steep slopes, collectively known as Squirrel Hill.

This put them at the western edge of a long, relatively flat stretch of glacier that abuts the craggy West Buttress proper.  Hiking along these “Polo Fields” brought the team to the iconic and infamous “Windy Corner.”  This is a steep rib of rock that drops off the Buttress, and acts as a gateway of sorts to the upper mountain.  The team passed around this feature in its “Windless Corner” mode and sauntered up the remaining 800′ to camp.

Here is Brian (in either his best auctioneer impersonation?)!


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  1. Dusty,
    The kids wanted to wish you and the guys a Happy 4th of July! Try to get some rest. We love you.

    Corrie, Logan, Luke & Gracie

  2. Happy Independence Day, guys. Sounds like a big climb today. Clint, they’re showing an Independence Day marathon. It brings back memories of our first stadium seating show from’96.

    We’re at Cary & Dee Ann’s lake house and everyone sends their love.

    Good luck on the rest of the trip.

  3. Message for Chris Turner:

    First a work message: EQT Declared Live today at approximately 16:00, every one is happy.

    Now a personal message: Glad to see you have clear weather. Good Luck with the climb !


  4. The family loved hearing the update from Brian (Uncle B). Kids said BE CAREFUL! And talk a little more slowly next time 😉

    Lindsay, Jeff, Jr and Audrey!

  5. Hey Guys… Sounds like everything is going well. It’s really great to be able to track you all this way… Makes the folks at home feel a bit more secure:). Kasey we love you very much and are praying for you and the guys daily to be safe and to have the opportunity to summit! Enjoy the journey and know that y’all are very missed. Love to you all!

  6. Hope you guys have a safe journey – was glad to not have any of you showing up at the Payne House (Magoffin and the guys from Station 16) yesterday while we were lighting fireworks. Godspeed guys and all the best.

  7. Hey Guys…sounds like it’s going well for y’all. It’s great to get to follow y’all this way…makes us feel good to hear y’all’s voices too. Kasey we miss you and are praying daily for good weather and a successful summit! Stay safe. We love y’all!

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