It’s a snowy evening at 11,200 Camp, but the team was able to descend to approximately 10,000′ to pick up their cache of equipment and supplies. Climber Matt Magoffin called in the team report today, and it sounds like spirits are high and the team is doing well. We’ve learned over the years that eating well on an expedition can really make a difference for a climber, and based on a dinner of burritos and homemade oero ice cream (!!), I’d say the team is pretty happy! The plan is to move a load of equipment and supplies to 13,500′ tomorrow. It’s a big day, but the climbers will be well rewarded with the spectacular views at Windy Corner.

West Buttress route

An overview of the West Buttress route from about 12,500′ to the 17,200′ High Camp.


Camp 2 looking west

Looking west/southwest from the 11,200′ camp

Loking downhill at Windy Corner

Looking downhill at Windy Corner, a prominent feature that drops off the West Buttress proper.

Here’s Matt


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  1. Hey Dusty and FWFD crew! What an exciting journey. We’ve enjoyed the pictures! Eat some sweet treats; Dusty has a huge stash of chocolate. The kids and I love you and are looking forward to seeing you soon!


  2. Kasey, hope this note finds you and the entire team in good shape and fine spirits. how long till you get to the headwall? will ya’ll be camping in or around windy point? how’s the experience so far? I am on track with my assignment fyi. keep those knives accessible.
    your friend Bullitt

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