Rob called in, expressing quite a bit of excitement at the prospect of the team moving higher, after a couple of unplanned weather days at the 11,200′ basin camp.  The skies have cleared over the mountain and the team is hoping to get an early start tomorrow.

The route ascends the steepest terrain thus far, and the team will most likely don crampons for the climb.  There has been a lot of snow, and they might have some tough trailbreaking ahead of them, but they are thrilled to be on the move and will undoubtedly forge ahead with vigor.

The plan is to move up the the biggest camp on the mountain, the bustling 14,200′ camp, located in a large basin that opens to the south.  They will spend four or five days at this camp, acclimatizing, reviewing skills for the upper mountain and putting in their supplies for their push to high camp.

West Buttress route
An overview of the West Buttress route from about 12,500′ to the 17,200′ High Camp.

Here is Rob!


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