June 26 Team is on the glacier!

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in from Base Camp!  The team was able to fly late in the afternoon, and landed at a very, very snowy 7,200′ strip on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  They will decide what their next move will be and might either move up glacier tomorrow or spend the day at BC reviewing skills.  The decision as to which strategy to employ is based on a number of factors, and the team will make that decision with input from the guides.



Ross and Chris taking advantage of their weather delay in Talkeetna to rig their packs for the glacier.


In the Talkeetna Air Taxi Otter!


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  1. Ross, I hope you and your team are safe and enjoying this wonderful adventure.
    Yesterday was a very difficult game for Brazil against Chile. 1×1 first half time. We ended up going to penalties!!!! We won the last penalty because Julio Cesar was able to defend. A lot of tears but happy ending for us. Next week Brazil x Colombia (won 2 x 0 against Uruguay).
    Miss you!!!!!! World Cup without you 🙁 but I am happy for you being out there with your friends. 🙂

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