Everest Team back up to Camp 2

The team moved back up to Camp 2 for their second round of acclimatization early this morning.   Sounds like everyone is moving great and they were up to C2 for lunch.    It was a bit windy in the morning, but it settled down as they got up towards C2 and they were able to enjoy a nice afternoon.   They’ll spend 5 or 6 nights up at over 21,000 ft on this rotation, just giving their bodies a chance to get used to the altitude (as much as one can get used to 21,000 ft).   It’s a pretty comfortable camp really, with a dining tent, and our Sherpa Chef cooking great meals.   We’ve got the nicest dome tents on Everest thanks to our friends at SligFin, and comfy chairs to hang out in thanks to TravelChair!

Click below to listen to Jacob calling in from Camp 2 on Everest!


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