Denali Friday the (June) 13th Team – Preparing for High Camp!

Lloyd Hales called in from the big basin camp at 14,200′, as the team readies themselves for their push up to High Camp.  Hopefully, the weather will remain favorable, so they can push high, as it is a long, tough day, made slightly easier when conditions are calm.

The team will climb up about 400m of moderate snow slopes before clipping themselves into a 200m length of rope that is fixed into the icy surface of the next bit of climbing.  Above the top of the fixed lines, a beautiful and fun ridge climbs another 300m to the flat plateau of High Camp.  Climbers weave in and out of rocks, climb short, steep sections of the ridge and walk atop narrow stretches of trail with HUGE air to either side of their crampons!

Here is Lloyd!


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