June 9 Team at High Camp

The team took advantage of good weather today to move from 14 Camp, up the fixed lines on the “headwall”, to High Camp at 17,200. The views from this section of the climb are stunning,  and it sounds like the team enjoyed the views as they ascended. The climbers are currently resting, hydrating, and relaxing in their tents at High Camp.

West Buttress route

Looking up from 14,200′ towards the ridge leading to High Camp

Here’s Mountain Trip guide Eric Larson with the report:


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  1. Thank you for the update, Eric. It is good news reaching high camp and everyone in good shape. Rich, I am proud of you and the team.I hope you have a good sleep tonight then tomorrow the weather will bring a calm day for you to go to the summit. This is exciting to follow on the web site and hear calls Love to all, Mom

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