June 13th Team moves to 14 camp

Matt, with the June 13th team, enjoys a cup of coffee after a big move from 11,200ft to 14,000ft. They seem to be in good spirits and happy to have the lower glacier behind them. Here’s Matt:


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  1. Hey hey Matty and Team! Sounds like things are going really well. Love getting the voice messages. Really good to hear how things are going. The food sounds fab! Anyhoo, look forward to hearing about your progress up the mountain over the coming days! Love Candy.

  2. Hey there Henk and team! Great to hear your progress. We will have lots of Jenny (thinking of you guys on the mountain) to keep warm in the Cape! God bless.

  3. Hey Matt, great to hear you and the team are going so well. Looking forward to hearing all the stories and seeing the pics on your return…

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