Eric Calls from June 9 Team

The team is doing great and climbed up to over 16,000 ft today on a ridge that leads up to high camp before descending back down to 14,200ft.  This is some of the steepest and most beautiful terrain on the West Buttress route, ascending a steep face where there is a fixed line for additional security for the climbers.   Today’s goal was to cache a little bit of food and fuel for their move to high camp, and to get a bit of acclimatization to the thin air.  They are planning to take a rest day tomorrow at the 14,200 ft camp and then move on up to high camp as soon as the weather looks good.

Here’s Eric calling in.


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  1. Hi Rich and your team, it is exciting to hear the progress on a kinda daily basis. I hope the steps today the 20th were as planned, Then your goal for 21st and 22nd will have the best weather. I will be thinking of ya’ll. 🙂 love to all Mom

  2. Get “high” …
    Listening enthralled and enjoying your moments with you all ..
    One in front of the other and attention to detail!
    Look forward to pictures …

  3. You seem to be making great progress! We are climbing with you…in spirit! Be safe and enjoy!!!

    Love and warmth to all. Kay & Bill

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