June 13 Denali Team Moved to 7800′

Matthew called in from 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier, after the team carried loads up to about 10,000′ on the glacier.  They are getting early morning starts, to both avoid the heat of the day and also to travel over the glacier when it is at its most frozen state.  The weather has not been perfect, but the team has been working hard and getting things done!

Here’s Matthew!


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  1. Hey Matty and the rest of the June 13 Team! Sounds like all is going well. Trust you to talk about the food! I remember you said it was awesome from last time! Things are all going well here. Looking forward to hearing more updates as you make your way up the mountain! Go Matty Go! Love Candy xoxox

  2. Hi Matt and All, Good to hear from you – sounds like things are going ok. Keep on trudging and we look forward to hearing your next report.

  3. Hi Matt, so great to hear from you! A bacon and cream cheese bagel sounds pretty awesome for breakfast, bit more exciting than the Week-bix we had for breakie. Neil is currently exploring where you are on Google Earth, looks pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!

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