Denali June 9 Team Ri-Ward Moves to 14,200′

Lead guide Eric Larson called in on behalf of Team Ri-Ward, for their teammate, Rich Ward.  Today, they moved up to the big camp at 14,200′ in challenging conditions.  It “snowed and blowed” as they climbed up from their previous encampment at 11,200′, but the nasty weather was interspersed with breaks of blue sky, so they kept on pushing, arriving at camp feeling satisfied that they had put in a good day’s effort and gotten a taste of Denali’s more surly side.

They fortified their camp with tall walls made from stacked blocks of snow, in case the winds continue to increase.  They are all in camp, and ready for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Here’s Larson!


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  1. Rich, I am still excited for you and the team as you get closer to the summit. I look forward to the pictures of the camps and the view along the trail. What I am reading in the day by day is nothing I could have imagined. All of you are in my thoughts when my eyes open in the morning, then when I read/hear the report, I go about my errands. Sweet dreams tonight, Love Mom

  2. Congrats everyone! I hope the weather cooperates and you are able to summit on Sunday! At least jen said you were trying for sunday 🙂 Cant wait to hear all about it Rich and celebrate in SV… hopefully its an uneventful SV trip this time 🙂 Miss you and stay warm!!!

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