May 30 Denali Team – Back At Base Camp And Ready To Fly!

Ryan called in from the thick air of the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier!  The team rallied through the Alaskan night to descend all the way back to Base Camp.  They are awaiting a ski plane to land and should all be off the glacier in just a couple of hours.

Congratulations to the team for all your hard work and for punching it out, when a small window of opportunity presented itself for your summit bid!


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  1. Hey Shai
    Congratulations from Donn and me. We’re both so proud of you baby!
    Very happy to hear that the weather cleared enough to allow you through. OMG What an accomplishment.
    You are really something, cute girl. Phew. Makes me tired just thinking about it (and cold too).
    It was great to hear your voice on the call.
    Happy descent.
    Love you, Meg

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