May 30 Team – Ryan Calls From H. C. After Summit

Back in the relative comfort and luxury of his tent, Ryan called in a nice update after he, Paul and Shaira all stood on the top of North America, along with Mountain Trip guides Scott Woolums and Ted Grosgebauer!

I’m certain we’ll get more details in the days to come, but the team really did a great job in sneaking out a summit during  season that has denied the vast majority of climbers from doing so. The plan is to sleep in a little bit and then pack up camp to make the long journey back down the 10,000′ vertical feet to Base Camp.


Here is Ryan!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I cried with joy for you my dearest babe after seeing you summited
    I was thinking yesterday that you guys should be on the last leg
    You are one incredible person !!! LOVE YOU!!
    Have an easy safe descent !!
    I am so grateful to the company for the postings to let us know your status !!
    June 16 th

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