June 26th “Mr Hugo” Team Heading Down

The team headed down along with all of the other climbers at high camp today.  It was another stormy day, with more in the forecast, and they decided it was time to get out of there.  It sounded like a pretty exciting trip down the ridge from high camp with some pretty high wind on the exposed ridge.   They are all down tonight at the 14,000 ft camp where they’ll rest and regroup before beginning the descent to base camp tomorrow.

Here’s the evening dispatch:


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  1. Hey Guys…so disappointed for y’all in having to descend but we are still so proud and impressed with the stamina and the motivation you each maintained and the physical and mental challenges y’all overcame individually and as a team with each passing day. At any rate the fact that y’all were up there together “As One” is truly a rewarding and fulfilling experience! We realize it’s not over so we are still keeping y’all in our prayers for a safe return down the mountain.Bet it’s great to eat something solid!!
    Love to Each of You!
    Mom (MamaMel) and Jeff (Papa Bulldog)Brentleigh and Kain

  2. Hey guys. We know y’all must be so disappointed in having to descend after so many days of waiting but we want y’all to know that we are very proud of all of you and impressed with your stamina, your strength and your dedication! Just getting as high as y’all did & the tireless teamwork y’all put forth will be something amongst y’all that can never be replaced!
    Y’all traveled this journey “AS ONE” and now we all await your safe arrival back down, so we will continue to pray for you and follow you with love and hope and confidence! We love each of you and Kasey-we ALL miss you! I’m sure y’all must be glad to eat and feel a little bit warmer maybe? Continue to take care of each other and know that we are thinking of you daily. love you-Mom, Dad, B & Kain Mema & Beba etc!

  3. Hey guys! Sorry to read that the weather was unrelenting and that you never got a shot at the summit. You all have had quite an adventure that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back. FYI, it’s approaching 100 degrees here, so it’ll be from one extreme to another… Be safe out there and God bless you all… Daniel

  4. We`re sorry you guys didn`t summit, but more importantly you are all safe! We as well as tons of friends have been praying for you all many times a day as you`ve been gone. Can`t imagine being at “high camp” under those conditions for that many days. Even though you didn`t get to the top that will be a bonding experience that will stay with you guys a life time! Thanks to all you guys for being a team & supporting each other, & we love you Matt , & can`t wait to see you,

  5. Just remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey ! Excellent to see what a heard of Texas Firefighters and a New Zealand Nerd can achieve. Well done all!

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