June 23 Denali Team – Rest Day at High Camp

Cody called in from High Camp on Denali, after the team spent the day recuperating from their big day climbing to 17,200′ yesterday.  Most climbers really benefit from spending a day resting and acclimatizing at this camp before even considering attempting to go to the summit, so today was a planned day to hang out in their tents.

From tomorrow morning on, the team ill follow a practice of “hurry up and wait,” preparing themselves for a summit bid each morning, and watching the weather for their shot at the top.

Here’s Cody!


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  1. Hi there Team!

    Just wishing you all the very best for a successful summit day when it comes. Gutted not to be there with you, but ‘thems the breaks’…..back now at Eton with Fred, consoling myself with champagne and truffles at the Henley Regatta.

    In lieu of self, I hope to hear a ‘kiwi bird call’ amongst the others when the animals sign off after summit day!

    Looking forward to good news in a day or so……

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Guys – just sending best dishes and good luck to the team but especially Dan & Garret Puttkemery from Qatar. All the best for summit day – have a great time on the top and take lots of pics!

    See you back in Doha for a celebratory rum!


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