June 5 Japan 8 8 Expedition Is At Camp 1

Lead guide Eli Potter called in the first post from our June 5th team, who have adopted the moniker, “Japan 8 8 Expedition.”  As Eli describes, their is 8 years of age difference between the climbers and the number 8 is both considered lucky in Japanese culture, as well as somewhat resembles a mountain, when written in Japanese.

The climbers are Kazunori Ishikawa and Yoshitoshi Matsumoto.  Mr. Matsumoto actually turned 74 years old on the glacier yesterday!

The guides are Eli Potter, James Gustafsson, Zac Davies and Ed Moore, with translator and liaison guide Keizo Funatsu.

Yoshitoshi-san attempted Denali last June with Mountain Trip, but was denied access to the upper mountain due to a series of tremendous snow storms that stopped all upward progress.  We are thrilled to have him back on the mountain again with us, and hope that the team encounters better conditions this time around.

Here is Eli!


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