West Rib Team – “Team Tenacious?”

The members of our 2014 Denali West Rib Team are in good spirits, which might well be the secret behind their tenacity!  They just moved up to the traditional Camp 3 on the West Buttress, after having been thwarted in their attempt of the West Rib by a serious storm that sat on the Range.

To those who might not have been following this saga, the team carried their food, fuel and supplies far up the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna, in order to launch up the West Rib route.  The Northeast Fork is a challenging place to travel, as the glacier is rife with crevasses and they negotiated two significant icefalls, which required tricky route finding.  Upon arriving at the base of their route, the team was denied access by a storm that pinned them down for days on end.  Faced with a tough decision, they elected to clean all their kit out of the NE Fork and rally up the West Buttress route.

Rallying, they most certainly are!

Here is the team:


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  1. Not bad pronunciation! Good luck with the summit attempt!

    Jochen, we’ll miss you (I presume) at our housewarming on Sunday…will play some cheesy German music in your honor!


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