May 22nd Team takes advantage of a beautiful day

It was a nice day for climbing in the Alaska Range today and the team took advantage of the beautiful weather to climb up to 16,200 ft on the ridge leading to high camp where they left a cache of food and fuel.   They are now ready to move up to high camp, with the provisions in place, and a chance to get some acclimatization to the thin air.   They hope to be able to move to high camp tomorrow and be in position for a summit attempt soon!

Listen to the call from 14,200 ft!


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  1. Strong work. You guys are getting so close. Wishing you good weather and a well earned summit!

    Laurie (Amy’s friend)

  2. To Amy and the rest of the team,
    Sounds like you’re all having a grand ol’ time making your way up the mountain despite the weather days. We’re having a great time listening to your trip reports. Thinking of you and that “smile” you have. Getting your boys squared away on following your trip reports. Should be following shortly and commenting…maybe.

  3. Amy – Spencer had SAT yesterday and he thinks he did quite well. [Zane says good luck and he didn’t get an email to the link so he couldn’t say anything before.] – he actually typed that in 3rd person. Both kids assume you’ll make it home just fine. You better.

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