May 26 West Buttress Team – Ian Calls From 14,200′

Lead guide Ian Nicholson called in from the big, bustling basin camp at 14,200′.  The team pushed hard to reach this camp, climbing up through almost constant snow, which was unusually wet for this time of year and at the elevations through which they climbed.  They did great and rolled into camp late in the afternoon, and spent the early evening establishing and fortifying their encampment.

Everyone is doing well, and they are excited to find themselves in some new surroundings!

Here is Ian:


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  1. Thanks for checking in and leaving messages. We’re thinking of your team up there, hopefully having the time of your life. I hope the weather holds until you have stood at the top and are safely back down. It’s fun sharing your experience with our feet flat on the ground!
    All the best!
    Scott’s Mom & Dad

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