The May 22nd Team called in a nice report today, but unfortunately the satellite connection wasn’t very good and the report ended up garbled. This happens a lot in the mountains, where there is lots of big obstacles interfering with the satellite connection.  That being said, we are able to discern that the team arrived safe and sound at 14 Camp on June 2nd, then descended yesterday to pick up their cache of equipment and supplies at 13,400 ft. It sounds like the team is in good spirits and enjoying the incredible, jaw dropping scenery from 14 Camp. They are also enjoying some nice, sunny, after the week of disturbed weather.


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  1. Still bugging Amy and her team! Can’t believe lots of others have not been commenting. This is a fabulous event and harder than most of us will ever know. We are so proud of our Amy and the rest of the team. Keep everyone safe so we can hear the stories when you return! Oh, by the way, it is 100 to 104 every day here in Arizona now. We really cannot do things until it cools into the 90s in the evening or in the early mornings.

  2. This looks like an amazing trip – especially viewing it over a glass of wine after a nice hot shower (at least there was a run before the shower). Mark and I can certainly relate to spending weeks at a time in the field, although we never had to deal with the extreme conditions that you’re faced with. Have a great time and enjoy the shower on your return. Most importantly, be safe….

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