Everest Team – Acclimatization Hike

Namaste Everyone!

It started as another beautiful day here at 17,450 ft on the Khumbu Glacier at foot of Mount Everest, blue sky and calm winds down here at base camp, but we could see the winds blowing up above. We had a leisurely morning, coming over to the dining tent about the time the sun hit camp at 7:35am today. We had another in a series of delicious meals, with french toast, fried eggs and several cups of coffee while we contemplated our plan for the day. We are still acclimating to this altitude and will spend a few more days here before pushing higher up to Camp 1, so today we went for an acclimatization hike up a ridge of Pumori which sits to the West of base camp.

Tomorrow we will have our Puja Ceremony, an important blessing prior to our team climbing above base camp. The ceremony will be led by our base camp manager, chef, and team Llama, Serki Sherpa. Serki will lead the team in offering some prayers and blessings and then we’ll have a celebration. The team has been building a stupa out of rocks and we will erect a pole with prayer flags spreading out in all directions. It adds a lot of color to the camp and we’ll be sure to send some pictures. We are all doing great up here and looking forward to climbing up to Camp 1 and 2 for our first acclimatization rotation in the next few days.

Here is Greg Blasic with an update!


everest bc


everest acclimatization hike

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  1. Sending the Blasics and all of the travelers our love and strength on your expedition.

    Lots of Love,
    Family Da Tank Salgado

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