May 22 Denali Team – A Song In Their Hearts!

Well, this is a first for us… The May 22 team is camped at 11,200′, where they have been hammered with tough weather of late.  They received two feet of snow overnight, along with high, cold winds.  They were again unable to move from their camp, but they have plenty of food, and have been hanging out, watching the snow fall, digging out their tents, and watching more snow fall.  Could this get them down?  Not a chance!!

Here is what I believe is the first song sung on one of our dispatches.  Thanks team!  Hang in there!!!


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  1. Amy, loved hearing your voice !!! You sound normal under these extreme circumstances!! I got further direction from the mountain guys for leaving you a comment. Hope you hear from others. It is 102 degrees here now and it has been over 100 every day for a week. Quite different from where you are!!

    Love you. Be safe!

  2. Hey! You are quite the team! You should take your singing group on the road…Crazy impressed with everything and wishing you a safe, memorable trip!


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