May 12 Team – Heather Calls from 14,200′

Our guide Heather Thamm called in to let us all know that the team spent the day at camp today, awaiting for a break in the weather that has been settling in on virtually the entire mountain in the past 24 hours.  They are in a good position to move high and attempt the summit, but they really need a good day to do so, as it will be one of the longest and hardest days of the expedition.

All the team members are doing well, and excited to move up to the 17,200′ high camp, when possible.  They all understand that to try to push things at this elevation, on this particular mountain, is not a good choice, so they are happy to hang tough and wait for an improvement in the weather.  They have plenty of time, and are in no rush, so they will just remain patient.

Here is Heather:


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