May 16 Team – Report from 11,200′

Brian called in a report from their team, which is still camped at 11,200′.  They had hoped to move up to 14,200′ today, but inclement weather did not permit them to travel.  They are camped in a beautiful basin, which they could not fully enjoy today, due to thick clouds that kept moving in and out.  They are poised and ready, waiting only for a break in the weather to move up and out of this basin and into the much larger one at 14,200′

We spoke with lead guide Yoshiko and she said that everyone is doing well and is in good spirits.  They have had just a couple of weather days thus far, and have plenty of time, so they are doing the right ting and remaining patient.

Here is Brian:


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  1. Hi Brian, So exciting to hear your voice from up so high. Glad everyone is doing well. Sounds like you have a great group of people to climb with.

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