May 16 Team – Cached at 13,500′

Lead guide Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back called in an update from their camp at 11,200′ just now, but her call was unfortunately cut off.  Satellites pass quite far to the south of the Alaska Range and it is more common than not to lose their signals, especially when you are in a camp such as the May 16th team’s with steep walls blocking much of the view south.

All is well and the team carried loads up and around the infamous Windy Corner, a prominent feature of the West Buttress.  It sounded like conditions going around the corner did not exactly live up to it’s moniker, as the day was relatively pleasant.  They moved well and are hunkered down in expectation of a storm that is predicted to set in this evening.  Such predictions are merely a prediction, however.  The team is ready to move up to their next camp, should the morning arrive without clouds, wind and snow.

Here is Yoshiko!


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