May 8 team rests at 14 camp


Satellite phones are an amazing technology but often lead to dropped calls.  Keep in mind they are speaking through outer space!  Sounds like they rested today getting ready for a big day tomorrow, moving to high camp if the weather permits it.

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  1. Ummmm….
    I’d like to buy a vowel, please.

    But seriously, ANY audio is better than no audio. Thank you SO much for continuing to try and communicate with us! Silly satellite phones are so picky about reception. Calling all quantum physicists! Could you please fix that?

    Now, I might be hearing things, but I coulda sworn this transmission started out with a “Josh loves Tanya.”


    I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard.

    I’m just gonna go with that.

    Love, Love, LOVE to all of you who are climbing up on top of the world with my beloved partner-in-crime, man of magical action, builder of dreams, keeper of my heart~~Lord Joshua Maker Clark II.

    Stay safe and keep having FUN!!

  2. ….Well, now I think I heard the speaker say that you all got a good look at the edge of Alaska?? Wow!! That’s so darn COOL!

    ~~So the real question is, can you see Russia?

    I mean, y’all are fairly close to Wasilla, and I’ve heard that the folks in that town have porch views of it.


    • I passed through Wasilla just the other day, actually. I guess it was a bit too hazy, ’cause try as I might… I just couldn’t quite see Russia. And unfortunately, the team was looking off the southeasterly aspect, so they didn’t have a chance. 🙁

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