The May 8th team had a big day today, moving a load of equipment and supplies up the fixed lines to a cache at 16,400 ft. The weather was cold when the team started out, but the ascent quickly warmed the climbers. The “headwall” section of the climb starts just outside of 14 Camp, and it’s a steep ascent to the top of the ridge.

(at 14 Camp, looking up the headwall. You can make out a faint line in the snow, which is the route along the fixed lines)

The person who called in the report didn’t identify himself, but I suspect that it’s Simon.

Here’s Simon:


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  1. Rodney and Team,
    Seems like you must be right at the foot of the final leg!!! Monstrously AWESOME work by ALL… Be VERY Proud and equally Safe for this last section of a MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. Incredibly excellent job – keep the eye on the prize, and thoroughly ENJOY the rest of the trip:)
    With tremendous admiration,

  2. Hi Rodney and fellow climbers,
    It looks like you are almost at the summit. Take care and be safe. I can’t imagine the view or the work that is involved to make it this far. I know you can do it. Great job and keep it up. Woot!!! Woot!!! 🙂

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