May 16 Team – Jason Tries To Call From BC

Jason Ahlan called in from Base Camp today, but unfortunately the satellite connection was lost, part way through his call, so you might have to use your imagination!  The team spent the day reviewing skills and practicing glacier travel, in preparation for moving onto the broad Kahiltna Glacier early tomorrow morning.

I spoke with lead guide Yoshiko earlier this evening and she said that the team did really well during their practice sessions.  It snowed lightly today, leaving about 6 inches of fresh powder on the glacier.  Under that layer, the snow surface is quite firm, which should make for really good traveling conditions in the morning.  It was a bit windy today, and the wind is forecasted to continue for another couple days, but is shouldn’t impact their plans.

Here is Jason:


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  1. Hi Jason and Caroline!!

    We all sat here and listened to your phone call this morning! Glad to hear you guys are off to a good start, we look forward to more updates. I am happy to report to Jason that your arch nemesis black truck is parked perfectly between all three lines for the second time in a row… you can sleep easy tonight! Haha!! We all miss you guys, and hope you and Caroline are having a wonderful adventure!

    Stay warm!

    All of us at Paradigm 😀

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