May 8 Team – Camped at 14,200′!

Cyrille called in a nice post in French from the large basin camp at 14,200 feet.  The team moved up today and had some excitement, when one of the members, Ryan, found himself suddenly chest-deep in a crevasse at about 13,700 feet!  The glacier was quite wind-swept and the trail crosses a number of well-known crevasses, so they were prepared and probably half-expecting something to happen.  He crawled out of the crack and the team continued up to camp!

They also called into our Alaska office and I spoke with Sean, who said everyone is happy and really excited to be positioned at their Camp 3.  In the evening, the winds began picking up, so they spent a lot of time fortifying snow walls to protect their tents from the possible bigger gusts that might be headed their way.

Here is Cyrille!


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  1. .Hi, for those of you that are’nt french speaking,here’s a quick translation of Cyrille’s audio round up message of the day’s activites!One of the two french man taking part in the expedition.
    They left from base camp to go to 1st Camp.Had a long days trek first time carying their heavy backpacks and equipment, weighing around 25kilos. took them 6 hours to cover a distance of around 5miles. Everybody arrived safely, well exhausted but happy! All send their love to various families/friends, and will speak to you again soon!
    Needed a kleenex on hand for Cyrilles wife after the msg Bonne Continuation to you all

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