May 12 Team – Calling in from Camp 1

We received a phone call from our May 12th Team, and I am afraid I cannot help too much, as it seems to be in French?  If anyone can help, by posting some translated excerpts, I’d really appreciate it!

They are at Camp 1, located at about 7,800′ on the main body of the Kahiltna Glacier.  They hiked about 5 miles up the glacier from Base Camp, which took them about five hours.


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  1. Hi All,
    I didn’t understand anything although he sure sounds excited. I had to laugh. Can anybody give a general translation?

  2. Thank You!! We were somewhat baffled, as “je oubliez mon francais!” I might have been totally wrong and this could have been a post in Malaysian from our friends on our May 8th Team.

    Thanks to Magalie et Susan!

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