Aconcagua Team dispatch from Camp 2

The Mountain Trip Aconcagua team moved up to Camp 2 yesterday.  They had a rough day with lots of wind and weather, but they pushed on up and set up tents at a windy Camp 2.  They are doing great, a bit tired, but plan to take a rest and acclimatization day today to recover before trying to move up any higher.  They’ve been experiencing the “Viento Blanco” the “White Wind” on Aconcagua the last couple of days.  It can be a relentlessly windy place, and it makes it tough to climb, set up camp, or get a good night sleep.   Tents are set up behind small rock walls that climbers will build to help break the wind a bit, but there isn’t much terrain to stop the wind up there, so the tents are really their only protection.  We use a single wall tent made by Black Diamond that doesn’t flap in the wind nearly as much as typical double wall tents (tents with a body and a flysheet), but the noise of the wind is a constant on Aconcagua sometimes.  They’ll hope to make a move to high camp tomorrow if the weather cooperates and they are feeling good after a day of rest.


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