It was a cold and windy day today, high on Aconcagua, but the skies were clear and the scenery (always) beautiful. The climbers moved a load of equipment and supplies up to Camp 2, at 17,600 ft. This “ferrying” of equipment helps a climber’s acclimatization and allows the team to move all of the necessary supplies up the mountain.

Aconcagua C1

Climber Jack Strickland called in the report today. It sounds like the team has been working hard, and they are looking forward to a rest day.

Here’s Jack!


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  1. It doesn’t say it, but if anyone is following- the “New Audio Recording” is from Jack Strickland on Aconcagua. Thank you, Mountain Trip, keep the posts coming! We love hearing from our loved ones 🙂

    • Thanks Kate! The audio post system requires some human editing, and sometimes there is a delay in getting the posts attributed to the owner of the voice. Jack is doing great by all accounts!!!

  2. Jack called yesterday afternoon and left the message that they were headed for camp 3 at about 20,000 feet this morning (Friday, Nov.11), will have a rest day tomorrow and hopefully go to the summit Sunday. He says the weather is not too good, but better than it could be, and as soon as they get a fairly good day (hopefully Sunday) they will finish climbing up and start down. He sounds good! Thanks for keeping us up on the mountain, so to speak.

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