Vinson Summit Message, part 2

Basia Goska was cut off in the team’s earlier call from the summit of Mount Vinson, but here she is!  If anyone can translate her message, I’d really appreciate it.



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  1. “This is Basia [garbled by the wind- may be in Polish] To all my best friends, you are my life, you helped me climb, thank you so much. I love you. Bye- love you, love you,love you!”

    You can hear the excitement in her voice. How wonderful! Congratulations to the team!!! Go Basia 🙂

    • Thanks for the translation Mark! She worked very, very hard to be able to make that call, and we are all super proud of her and the other climbers!

  2. In Polish Basia said: “Mammy, Daddy, I love you very much…(inaudible)”; or it might be: “…we love you very much”, if the inaudible part conjugates the word “love”.

    I’m sure she’ll have the final edit 🙂

    Congratulations to the whole team for your achievement! It’s been fascinating to follow your adventure on this website.

    Have a safe trip down the mountain and all the way back home!

    • Thank you sooo much!! My Polish is pretty rusty, as it has been years since I spent some time in Krakova. Dziękuję bardzo!

  3. Basia is my sister. I didn’t understood what she said, but I am very proud of her and of all the team! Congratulations!!! This is something that is worth living! Greatings from Poland – Tatiana

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