Aconcagua Jan 23 Team – Summit Call part 2

Jacob Schmitz called back as the first call from the summit was dropped.  All of the climbers are on the summit and it is a crystal clear day, with barely a wisp of wind right now.  They say it seems like they can see all the way to China.

Everyone did great and they are all in really good shape for their descent, which they will begin shortly.  As the weather is beautiful, they aren’t in any rush to start down at this point.  We’re really proud of everyone, and they all worked very hard to get to the highest point outside of the Himalaya.

Congratulations to all the climbers:

Paul Rudy
Joe Rudy
Steve Emmer
Chris Jentz
Ritchie Maybank
Eliana Sabrina Caamaño
Jacob Schmitz

Here’s the message:


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