January 13 Aconcagua team eating well at Pampas des Lenas

Mountain Trip guide Jason Denley called in an update on the January 13th Aconcagua team, who reached their first camp on the mountain at Pampas de Lenas.

The team left the high mountain ski town of Penitentes where they spent their last night in hotel beds at roughly 9,000 ft (2750 m) before hitting the trail in the morning, bound for their first camp on the route at Pampas de Lenas.

They organized all of their gear for the “arrieros” (mule drivers) to carry help in on their three day approach to Base Camp, otherwise known as Plaza Argentina at 13,800’ (4200 m), commonly called the second-largest established base camp in the world, after Everest.

The team made good time through the valley, and spent 4.5 hours of hiking in slightly cloudy, but otherwise great weather. They set up camp and slept in their tents for the first time.

Before nightfall, the arrieros prepared the team a hearty dinner featuring fresh ingredients not commonly found on expeditions, including green salad, steak, pork ribs, and more.

Here’s Jason with the update:

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