Denali June 23 Team – Camped at 14,200′!

Well, the weather finally let up a little, and the team packed up camp and departed the 11,200′ basin for a new home!

They climbed up the moderately steep Motorcycle Hill in cold and windy conditions, but the wind slackened as their morning went on, and by the time the arrived at 14,200′, it was still and the sun had warmed things up quite a bit.  The move up to this camp makes for a long, hard day and the team is relaxing in the relative comfort of a custom kitchen tent, warmed by the purr of a half dozen stoves.

Tomorrow, they will drop back down to retrieve a cache that they had buried at about 13,700′ several days ago.  They will spend at least several nights at 14,200′ before moving up to their high camp, located another 3,000′ above.

Here is Eric West, with the update:


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