Aconcagua Team Moves to Camp 2

Petra Campher called in from 18,000 feet (5500m) on Aconcagua.  The team moved up today from their Camp 1, roughly 1400′ below.  Everyone is doing great and the team has been working great together.

Today’s climb started with a hop across a creek and trended up via a traverse that climbed out of a large bowl that feeds the upper Relinchos Valley.  They then hiked through a valley that separates Aconcagua from its 19,500′ neighbor, Cerro Ameghino.  The valley is fairly broad and the base has some interesting yellow tinged ponds that form from time to time.

The day culminated with a short climb up onto the remnant of the Polish Glacier, just before reaching camp.  The views really expand at this camp, and the team can now see some of the very pretty peaks that form the Gussfeldt Range, just north of Aconcagua.

Here is Petra!

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  1. Sounds like everyone is having a blast. Pretty cool to be able to follow your trip. We had two great powder days here in steamboat springs colorado. We had about two feet of snow in two days . Now its back to bluebird days. Good luck!
    Erik Brewen

  2. When I re-opened for the third time, her voice came through as clear as can be!
    Hallo Petra, thanks for the update. Was so good to hear your voice! Such an amazing mission. Congratulations for all reaching Camp 2 without any injuries or insidents. So delighted!

    Now Kylie and Chivas can be at ease for another day!

    You all are so brave and today we name you the DREAM TEAM!
    So very proud of you and especially our Johannesburg Dames. How courageous you are! Cannot wait to hear what happens next.
    18,000 feet! It is so very high – my lungs are getting anxious right now!
    Love you all and so very proud!

    Sonja du Toit and the 4 four-legged kids. Xxx

  3. Hallo Elna,Petra and the rest of the Team. All is well here and congratulations for all of you so far.
    Lots of love from Ronald Rika Brandon and the most from Tannie en moeder Tina xxxxxxx

  4. Sus, so good to hear your voice today! Glad you are all doing fine. We hold thumbs for a great experience and safe return! Love you! Xxx

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