December 17 Aconcagua team preparing to cache above 17,000′

Climber Dean Stoios called in an update for the Mountain Trip December 17th Aoncagua team, who amid laughs seem to be having no fun at all at their Base Camp at Plaza Argentina.

Mules standing tall with some of the team’s supplies, above the Vacas Valley.

The team enjoyed a rest day yesterday, complete with several great meals to refuel their tanks for a few challenging days on the upper mountain, endeavoring towards the 22,841′ summit. Their lack of comment on the weather reiterates the fact that despite the constant wind, they have largely had great weather for climbing.

At the time of the call, the team was busy re-packing their gear, which plan to cache above Camp One on the upper mountain around 17,000′. They will return to Base Camp for another night of rest and acclimatization before the move higher on the route.

Here’s Dean!

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  1. Good to hear your voices! Think I heard Elna laughing in the background. Great to know that all sound happy and we salute you for your endurance and the reason behind all this. Elna and Petra, I wish all the mistreated, misunderstood and rescued Border Collies in the world could meet you two. So proud of you and the team. Love you all!

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