June 24 Denali Team – Couldn’t Move to High Camp

Ted Grosgebauer called in from our June 24 team of  climbers (Ted mentioned June 25th, but we’ll blame that on the altitude!).   They tried to push up to high camp today, but were unable to do so, as the winds at higher elevations were blowing pretty hard.  They are now in “hurry up and wait” mode, meaning that they will wake up early each day and get themselves organized in anticipation of any window of opportunity that might present itself.

In the absence of working hard, carrying heavy loads uphill, the team took advantage of the forced rest day to get a lot of rest.  In addition to resting their weary muscles, each day they spend at 14,200′ will help their acclimatization when they do have the opportunity to move high.  They have plenty of food and time, so they’ll just wake up each day and look at what the weather offers.

Here’s Ted:


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