Denali June 23 Team – RT Calls From Snowy 11,200′

Storms are a part of climbing in the big mountains, but they can sure wear on a person.  Waking each day to look out into what appears to be the inside of a ping pong ball can present very tough challenges to a team’s morale and motivation, but the June 23 team is Keeping Hope Alive!!

They’ve spent a few extra days at 11,200′, waiting for the snow to clear so they can push up and around Windy Corner, a feature notorious for accelerating the, you guessed it- wind!  While the weather above the team has afforded climbers brief opportunities to push higher, the storm layer between them and their next camp has not let up.  They have good communication with our Mountain Trip teams at 14,200′ and higher, so our guides can share information and weather observations, and as soon as a window opens, they’ll push on through it.

The call was a bit garbled in spots, but I hope that the intended recipients of some of the special messages can understand them.

Here’s Rich!


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