December 1 Aconcagua Team reaches Plaza Argentina

Climber Mark Biegel called in another update for the December 1st Aconcagua team, who have officially reached their Base Camp!

A view of mighty Cerro Aconcagua from the Vacas Valley.

The climbers ascended from Casa de Piedra to Plaza Argentina (Base Camp), nearly 14,000′, gaining nearly 4,000′ feet of elevation–a big day in increasingly thin air!

At the time of the call, the team was just about to sit down to dinner. They will likely spend a couple of days at Plaza Argentina to acclimate.

Mark reports that everyone is in good spirits. Here’s the audio update:

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  1. Great to hear you, Boy. It all sounds – and looks – absolutely fantastic. I completed treatment 24 yesterday so just 9 more to push. Feeling a bit tired and sore but definitely getting there. I guess you might have – sort of – similar thoughts in the next few days! Thinking of you.

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