December 1 Aconcagua team continues up the Vacas Valley

Mountain Trip climber David Kosma called in with an update on the December 1 Aconcagua team, who are on the second day of their trek through the Vacas Valley. The valley is beautiful, with towering, rugged peaks, streams and wildflowers, reminiscent of parts of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately though, the wind and hot sun can be relentless at lower elevations

An Aconcagua trekker hiking through the Vacas Valley on the way to Casa de Piedro, circa 2012.

They will make their way to Casa de Piedro at 10,000′, named for an old stone hut that stands there from decades ago, sometime today (Tuesday, December 5). From there they will ascend up to their Base Camp for the Ameghino Valley Route, at 13,800′. They will likely spend a day or two acclimating there before heading higher up the mountain.

Here’s David!

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