Ziller Seven Summits team makes alpine camp near Washburn’s Thumb

Guide Eli Potter called in from a unique camp on the route, precariously and scenically placed below Washburn’s Thumb at around 16,000′. This is not a typical spot for Mountain Trip teams to set up camp, but as a small team, the group has some flexibility. Since Gustavo was dealing with a bit of a sickness (likely a stomach bug, it sounds like all is well) the guides decided to break up the big climb from 14,200′ up to High Camp at 17,200′.

While it’s unfortunate that Gustavo hasn’t been feeling well, camping at such a beautiful spot high on the route should enable them to shoot some really great photos and footage. This certainly isn’t a typical camp, and the guide team had to carefully chop out platforms for the tents into the hard snow against the sheet rock face. The undoubtedly have spectacular views out over the peaks of the Alaska Range; such a camp is only possible in very good weather conditions.

Looking down into the Genet Basin from the ridge line above 14 Camp.


Today, July 2, the team will continue move up to High Camp at 17,200′, where they will take a rest day.

Here’s Eli!

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