June 23 Denali Team – Updates on the Climbers From 11,200′

Nick Aiello called in a two-part post after the team carried a load of supplies up and around Windy Corner earlier in the day.  He was cut off in his first attempt, leaving us with some lingering question about what he was about to say about Rich!  Fortunately, he was able to fill us in in Part 2 of his post.

The team did well and now has food, fuel and equipment in place on the uphill side of Windy Corner, meaning that their plan now will be to move their camp up and around to get themselves set up in the big basin at 14,200′.  This camp is called 14 Camp, Camp 3, Genet Basin and occasionally Advanced Base Camp.  The team will spend a number of nights at 14,200′, allowing their bodies to adjust to the higher elevation and preparing for the push up to high camp, 3000 feet higher on the mountain.

Here is Nick, with a special message to Mom, back in Massachusetts!

Part 1:


Part 2:


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