Seven Summits Television West Buttress team will move to High Camp (17,200′) today

Mountain Trip guide Eli Potter called in an update for the Brazilian Seven Summits television show team, following Gustavo Ziller’s quest to stand on the summit of the highest mountain on each continent.

The team spent a rest day yesterday at camp at 14,200′ in “ping pong ball” conditions–meaning that both the sky and the ground are the same foggy white–a vertigo-inducing sensation that can make climbers easily lose their way.

The weather has since cleared, at least at lower elevations, with Eli noting great views of the sunset across the Alaska Range. Each day further from the summer solstice, the days are rapidly becoming shorter, at the rate of about seven minutes per day.

The climbing forecast also calls for the weather to clear over the next few days, setting the team up well for the time on the upper mountain. The team will likely make their summit push tomorrow, Sunday July 2, or Monday July 3.

Here’s Eli!

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