June 17 Indonesian team resting and waiting on weather window at High Camp

Mountain Trip guide Josh Garner June 17 Indonesian West Buttress team, who at the time of the call were waiting out low visibility and blowing snow at High Camp on the route, perched at 17,200′. The weather has continued to clear in the Alaska Range and the forecast looks promising for the team to head up to the summit of Denali!

Pictured below is the route that the team will follow from High Camp at 17,200′ to Denali’s summit at 20,310′ via the West Buttress:Denali upper mountain route map

The push to the summit and back normally takes teams anywhere between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the weather, conditions  on the route and group fitness.

Here’s a look up from High Camp towards the route to 20,310′ from earlier this season. Hopefully the winds don’t look like they do in this photo when the team heads for the summit:


Best of luck to the team in the coming days. Here’s Josh!

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