June 23 Team – Backcarried at 11,200′

Blaine Horner, one of our guides on our June 23 Team, called in from the basin at 11,200′ after the team had a pretty mellow day.  They dropped back to pick up the cache of supplies that they had buried a couple days ago at about 10,000′ and carried it all back to camp.  This makes for something of a rest and acclimatization day, as the workload is very modest.

Tonight, they will leave in the shade of the Alaskan night and carry a load up and around a prominent feature called Windy Corner, which is a steep rib of rock that drops off a portion of the West Buttress proper.  Climbers must pass around this rocky feature, which also tends to accelerate winds that come in from both the south and the west, earning it the name.

The night schedule is designed to allow the team to pass under the rocky sections while they are most frozen, which helps mitigate chances of rocks falling and rolling across the trail.

Here’s Blaine:


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