Our Denali June 24 Team is on the Glacier!

Our guide Ted Grosgebauer called in from Base Camp with our June 24th Team.  As guided access to Denali is tightly controlled by our National Park System, it is difficult for guides and guide services from other countries to access the mountain legally.  Mountain Trip has a long history of working with guides from around the world to help them attain access to the mountain.  The National Park Service has repeatedly thanked us for our outreach.

This trip is being run with a group of climbers from Seven Summits Club, and Alex Abramov, one of the owners of the company, is along to help with some of the language challenges that the team might encounter.

The team consists of:

Andrey Alekseev

Denis Abuev

Igor Kadochin

Irina Salova

Andreii Rodiontsev

Vitaliy Simonovich

Liana Chabdarova

Liliia Telenkevich


The guides for the team are:

Pablo Puruncajas

Ted Grosgebauer

Viviane deBros

Here is Ted:


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