June 9 West Buttress team to move to High Camp at 17,200′

Climber Michael Halbig called in an update for the June 9 West Buttress team, who spent yesterday bringing their final cache up to 16,200′ to prepare for their move to High Camp on the route! High Camp, the last organized camp on the mountain before the summit of Denali, is perched at 17,200′ on the West Buttress.

Above camp, the team will begin to ascend the headwall almost immediately, with the assistance of fixed lines. They have been up and and down the fixed lines to lay their cache, giving them a bit of familiarity with the exposed, steep route they will follow today up to High Camp.

14 Camp with the fixed lines up the Headwall in the background.

After moving camp up 3,000 vertical feet to High Camp, they will take a rest day before making their summit push to mentally and physically prepare. Spirits are high and all is well with the team. If the good weather holds, the team anticipates heading for the summit on Sunday, June 25.

Best of luck to the team in the coming days!

Here’s Michael (with a shoutout to his brother for his birthday, and to his wife!):

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  1. Great to hear you Michael and Thys you are making good progress. Good luck from the Irish on summit. Jo & Hari

  2. Hi Arabella, thinking you could summit this weekend. Hope alls well and wishing you the very best. Stay safe Paul ps all good here

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